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Presenting the state of the art for 3D design, visualization, and collaboration.  3D design is best suited for hardscape design, including swimming pools, patios, decks, retaining walls, additions, remodeling, site planning, and masterplans.  3D design allows you to see the design from all angles, giving you a much better understanding of the design intent while providing insights that are not possible by any other means. Changes are easy, and compared to changes made during the construction phase; you will save time, money, and frustration.  Dimensioning and area calculations are quick and accurate.  My methods are the most efficient ever devised. See Design Online  My terms are very simple, with no fine print, or confusing language.

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3D swimming pool, waterfalls, outdoor kitchen, and patio in Gainesville, GA.  My clients are renovating a historic home in downtown Gainesville, Georgia.  We designed a courtyard garden with swimming pool, natural waterfalls, spectacular landscaping, night lighting, nightlighting, outdoor kitchen, fire place and sitting area within an arbor covered cabana.
3D landscape design swimming pool outdoor kitchen deck patio home renovation 3D landscape design view from proposed balcony to swimming pool, waterfalls, outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting
3D landscape design view from Gazebo looking acroos swimming poool and waterfalls to outdoor kitchen arbor and deck3D landscape design from gazebo overlooking swimming pool and waterfalls to outdoor kitchen arbor deck landscape night lighting
3D landscape design swimming pool sheer falls kooldeck fountain looking overlayed before image looking toward entrance3D landscape design swimming pool sheer falls kooldeck fountain looking overlayed before image looking toward salt swimming pool filters3D swimming pool and landscape design of a formal swimming pool with water volleyball, sunning benches, aluminum picket fence on a steep wooded site retained by a poured concrete wall planters, fountains. We are considering building a swimming pool enclosure, patio enclosure, conservatory, four seasons sun room, in Athens, Georgia  Frank
3D waterfalls and landscape design in Athens, GA  We are remodeling a fine home in Homewood Hills which is a prestigious neighborhood in town.  Boulder walls and waterfalls. Work in Progress Burch
3D site plan created from data available via municipality GIS website. See more at 3D siteplan
3D deck design in Arab, AL See Decks
3d home and landscape renovation

Loganville, GA

3D landscape design in NY.  Chris started without me, so we had some remedial work to maximize his space and investment.  He had some very large boulders onsite that we wanted to use to build the 6ft high waterfalls.  He made 4 digital images and a couple dimensions of each boulder.  We modeled the boulders from the images, and gave him a labeled drawing indicating the location and rotation of each boulder within the waterfalls and boulder walls
3D landscape design of back yard outdoor living room featuring stone patio, modular block retaining walls, sitting walls, waterfalls, deck, outdoor kitchen, and arbor.  Please note the use of panorama images as background, which provides additional realism and sense of place. We provided views from several vantage points including inside the house Athens, GA
3D New Orleans style patio in Madison, GA.  My clients are from New Orleans, LA and want to create a New Orleans style courtyard garden that will remind them of their former home.  Features include brick courtyard wall, brick planters, brick water fountain focal point, recessed outdoor kitchen, landscaping, and night lighting.
3D site planning of tennis academy and tennis tournament facility in College Park, GA in South Fulton County Atlanta, Georgia 10 show courts, 6 pro courts, and 30 hard courts, 8 clay courts, and 8 ndoor courts, tennis academy. tennis
3D estate planning and home design in Hull, GA Hull, GA  Collins

I will build a life size 3D model of your new property and home so that we can walk around together online within the model for the purpose of designing your swimming pool and landscaping.  I can create the model in less time than traveling to your location, which doesn't preclude a site visit if we decide it would be worthwhile. To that end, I need:

  • survey with contour lines or the best available information showing your property lines, etc.
  • Main level floor plan + basement plan if there is one
  • 4 side elevations if they are available.
  • If the building (s) are at least framed, I can use images of each facade and each corner taken from a distance far enough to capture the entire building in a single image.
I prefer the files sent in AutoCAD 2000 format.  I will never use your architects plans or designs for any other purpose than to design your project with you.

See Fees. "Nothing is really work, unless you would rather be doing something else." James M. Barrie 

"Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the ability to do difficult things easily..."j.c.schiller

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