Horse Farm

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< Entrance to 12 million dollar English country manor estate, home horse farm, equestrian center, golf course, private country club that I designed with Kenny Rogers and others while a full time student at UGA. resume

> Main house

I was advised by and collaborated with many professionals that assisted me in the master planning and landscape design of this estate from 1981 to 1989.  I did not design the golf course, but I have collaborated with Whitworth realty to redesign the farm to be a golf course country club in the future.  Kenny was generous enough to send me to tour with his designers in California.  I learned many techniques and tips that I have used over the years. He sold it in 2003.

< Lake house gazebo multi level deck fire pit fishing pier golf cart bridge

>Waterfalls between 2 lakes.

< Front yard which became part of a private golf course

The view was toward the southwest, so I advised the architect to add a porch on the south and south west sides to prevent glare.

> Multi level swimming pool and spa including swim up bar and waterfalls.

< Arbor that wraps around rear of house and swimming pools.

> Two clay tennis courts separated by gazebo.

< Private horse barn and guest quarters.

> Commercial horse farm and equestrian center including horse auction stadium.

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