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  1. The basic concept is that I will never see your property, so I will never know any more information about your property than you provide to me.  Panoramas are much better for me to understand your property and where each object is in relation to everything else.  The very least panoramas I need are front to back, back to front, left to right, and right to left for each specific area.
  2. Set your camera to widest zoom and leave it that way. Stand with your feet together and hold the camera vertical. (Portrait mode) if you are less than 40 ft away.  If you are 40+ ft away you may use landscape (regular) mode.
  3. Hold the camera and your body straight and level as you rotate from left to right. Brace the camera against your face and nose. Rotate your feet for the next picture. Think of yourself as a tripod.  Do not rotate by twisting your waist.
  4. Notice a landmark in the right side of the viewer of each picture. (A landmark is anything that reminds you of the spot.)
  5. Make sure to overlap the next picture to include the landmark.  A good overlap is 1/3 to of the picture. Overlapping more than of the picture is bad.
  6. A half circle taken from left shoulder to right shoulder requires 8 pictures in portrait mode or 4 in landscape
  7. Group each series into a zip folder.  Attach each folding to a separate email.  We will stitch them together during our meeting.
annotated plat sent from PhoenixThis is a plat that was sent to me from Phoenix Arizona.  I labeled the locations for the panoramas, and emailed it back.  Please use a digital camera and set it to wide angle.

These images were taken in portrait mode because I was very close to the object.. If you are taking pans of your house, which is over 50ft away, you can use normal (landscape) mode. Please note the overlap. (Click on thumbnail to enlarge.)

When it comes to pictures, panoramas give context better than snapshots and they are the only means I have of touring your site, so more is better.

This is the result of an online meeting.  We drew on the pictures and plans interactively

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