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My computer drafted designs provide many advantages including:

  • See Design Online and Design Onsite for an illustrated step by step summary of each.
  • I will email your plan and a viewer for your review and approval.
  • Review your plan and view images and data sheets (see below)
  • Your plan plan can be modified without the extra expense of redrafting. Fees
  • Alternatives can be investigated including rendering with different materials such as substituting a stone pattern for concrete with brick trim.
  • More accurate area calculations means more accurate cost estimates
  • Upon your final approval, I will print you a large hard copy..
  • Your design is stored on your computer, so it can't be misplaced..
  • Optionally, I can estimate your project as if I were doing it within my local area.
  • See my cutting edge techniques of real time interactive 3D design, visualization, and presentation.
  • Developing the Landscape Plan.pdf Extension service document explaining DIY survey.

      "...By the way, your plans have been getting a lot of compliments from the landscapers who know there trade."  Ismael Moreno Westchester, CO

< Planting plan

>Plant data sheet






< Planting plan image thumbnails

< Equestrian estate masterplan

>Equestrian estate residence planting plan

I support the VOLUNTARY CODE OF CONDUCT FOR NURSERY PROFESSIONALS which was developed at the Workshop on Linking Ecology & Horticulture to Prevent Plant Invasions
  1. Ensure that invasive potential is assessed prior to introducing and marketing plant species new to North America. Invasive potential should be assessed by the introducer or qualified experts using emerging risk assessment methods that consider plant characteristics and prior observations or experience with the plant elsewhere in the world. Additional insights may be gained through extensive monitoring on the nursery site prior to further distribution.
  2. Work with regional experts and stakeholders to determine which species in your region are either currently invasive or will become invasive. Identify plants that could be suitable alternatives in your region.
  3. Develop and promote alternative plant material through plant selection and breeding.
  4. Where agreement has been reached among nursery associations, government, academia and ecology and conservation organizations, phase-out existing stocks of those specific invasive species in regions where they are considered to be a threat.
  5. Follow all laws on importation and quarantine of plant materials across political boundaries.
  6. Encourage customers to use, and garden writers to promote, non-invasive plants.

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