It's All Monkey Grass to Me Low-growing, dependable, and green, liriope and mondo fill in the cracks between seasons.
Do you have Liriope muscari or Ophiopogon japonicus? Chances are you have one or the other if you live in the South. Before you panic thinking you may have contracted a disease from mosquitoes or an awful foot fungus, relax. These horrible-sounding names are two of the most common ground covers in landscaping.
Both have been used for years to edge driveways, sidewalks, and flowerbeds. Because they spread and are almost impossible to kill, they are often given away as pass-along plants. Many people refer to both plants as monkey grass.
green liriope

muscari green

blooms in spring

evergreen groundcover

sun or shade

drought hardy

I have sprayed half rate of roundup over liriope to control herbaceous weeds because Roundup is a hormone that causes plants to grow faster than their systems can support.  Liriope can't grow any more than full size, so the hormone has little if any effect. Someone told me to use half rate, so used half rate for bermuda grass, which is what I was killing.  I tried it in the back yard 1st just in case it was one of those urban legends, but it worked.  That rate probably wouldn't work for ivey, nutsedge, or green briar.  Prove it to yourself by testing it in a small area