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One of the latest trends in swimming pool design is called; vanishing edge swimming pool , negative edge swimming pool, and infinity edge swimming pool. The most common terms in descending order are: vanishing edge, negative edge, and infinity edge.  The construction technique has not yet been developed for a vinyl liner pool to include a vanishing edge, so the swimming pool must be constructed of concrete using concrete blown onto a steel frame.  The technique is most commonly referred to as gunite.  Gunite pool costs in Atlanta range from the high $20,000 US Dollars and up, but a realistic entry level price point including a salt swimming pool filter and spa is $35k to $50k.  Vanishing edge, Negative edge, Infinity edge construction start at $1000. Custom swimming pools costs over $50,000 are no longer just for resort hotels.  I recommend everyone at least consider an automatic pool cover because it saves money, maintenance, and is safer than a fence.  If you want to heat your pool, you must have a swimming pool cover. See how I design swimming pools in 3D!i  which s best suited for hardscape design, including swimming pools, patios, decks, retaining walls, additions, remodeling, site planning, and masterplans.  3D design allows you to see the design from all angles, giving you a much better understanding of the design while providing insights that are not possible by any other means. Changes are easy, and compared to changes made during the construction phase; you will save time, money, and frustration1

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< Formal Swimming pool and Victorian house landscaping Athens

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Kenny Rogers' swimming pool and estate home in GA
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< Estate home including automatic swimming pool cover

I will build a life size 3D model of your new property and home so that we can walk around together online within the model for the purpose of designing your swimming pool and landscaping.  I can create the model in less time than traveling to your location, which doesn't preclude a site visit if we decide it would be worthwhile. To that end, I need:

  • survey with contour lines or the best available information showing your property lines, etc.

  • Main level floor plan + basement plan if there is one

  • 4 side elevations if they are available.

  • If the building(s) are at least framed, I would like to have images of each facade and each corner taken from a distance far enough to capture the entire building in a single image.

I prefer the files sent in AutoCAD 2000 format.  I will never use your architects plans or designs for any other purpose than to design your project with you.

I scanned these pool trends from trade magazines and other sources for your inspiration.

Naturalistic Designer swimming pools and waterfalls

swimming pool and spa.jpg (33388 bytes) swimming pool swimout.jpg (26354 bytes) swimming pool dark blue.jpg (46812 bytes) swimming-pool-planter.jpg (81719 bytes) swimming-pool-stone-wall-waterfall.jpg (82729 bytes)
swimming-pool-planter-waterfall.jpg (54456 bytes) swimming-pool-stone-patio.jpg (76023 bytes) swwimming-pool-freeform_with_waterfall.jpg (76186 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-side.jpg (38307 bytes) swimming-pool-slide.jpg (52626 bytes)
swimming pool waterfall on side.jpg (38168 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-flagstone.jpg (29191 bytes) swimming pool 2.jpg (40869 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-natural.jpg (28163 bytes) swimming-pool-natural-falls.jpg (21728 bytes)
swimming pool & pond.jpg (32676 bytes) swimming pool double falls.jpg (47556 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-side.jpg (38307 bytes) swimming pool & 2falls.jpg (35974 bytes) swimming-pool_waterfall_from-beach.jpg (27893 bytes)
swimming-pool-no-skirt.jpg (102656 bytes) swimming-pool_waterfall-from-spa.jpg (24692 bytes) swimming-pool-natural_environment_with_raised_spa.jpg (92209 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-wall.jpg (21424 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-natural.jpg (28163 bytes)
swimming-pool-powerfalls-stone.jpg (32867 bytes)

Swimming Pool covers

swimming pool 1.jpg (20771 bytes) swimming-pool-under-glass.jpg (58159 bytes) swimming-pool-slide-blue.jpg (50220 bytes)
swiimming-pool-under-glass2.jpg (113941 bytes)  

Formal swimming pools, waterfalls, and spas

swimming-pool-waterfall-lions.jpg (35243 bytes) swimming pool roman.jpg (40776 bytes) swimming pool roman spa.jpg (37508 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall-lions.jpg (35243 bytes) swimming-pool-side-falls.jpg (256733 bytes)
swimming-pool-powerfalls-tile.jpg (43061 bytes) swimming-pool-powerfalls-tile2.jpg (78577 bytes) swimming-pool-fiberfall.jpg (31075 bytes) swimming-pool-tile-waterfall.jpg (94383 bytes) swimming-pool-powerfalls-spa.jpg (62732 bytes)
swimming-pool-waterfall-tile.jpg (57546 bytes) swimming-pool-waterfall.jpg (30365 bytes)

vanishing edge swimming pool negative edge swimming pool infinity edge swimming pool

If all things are equal, what is the percentage difference between a vanishing edge pool and a conventional pool?  Sark in Sacramento, CA.   Sark: Vanishing edge AKA infinity edge, and negative edge is a technique of creating a trough on the outside wall of a swimming pool which allows the swimming pool water to flow over the top of the bond beam along one or more edges. The technique has been used in public swimming pools for many years so that the entire pool wall acts as a skimmer. The basic technique can be constructed along one edge of a swimming pool for as little as $1000 depending on the location of the project, Construction costs can be 50% higher in high rent districts. This technique is only possible in gunite (a type of concrete that is sprayed from a gun) pools which cost more than vinyl liner swimming pools. A swimming pool contractor with the expertise to build a vanishing edge usually has a higher minimum charge to build a pool. To boil this down to a percentage is difficult because of all the other factors that aren't equal, but a reasonable rule of thumb is at least 5%.

swimming-pool-vanishing-edge.jpg (49247 bytes)      

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